Meet The Best Team Ever...

Alongwith a teaching experience of more than 9 years, He also holds experience to tackle down different problems... He does everything to make his students feel comfortable with studies.... The most down to earth kind of personality...

He is an Engineer ( and has also cleared several govt. exams like Railway NTPC (Station Master), Police Radio Operator, Railway (Group D). But he still chose his passion of teaching and helping his students to achieve success...

"You are already smart...You are already Brilliant...You just need someone who can help you to reach the pinnacle of success in life"

Shivam Sharma


He has a teaching experience of 4 years and handles his students the way they are, Having a basic programming knowledge in Java and HTML Moreover, having a strong command in Math.

Ashutosh Tiwari


Programming??? this man will make you feel like its as simple as making Maggieee.... Man with mastery in C programming, Java, HTML, and CSS.You will have a solid foundation in computer science and web development. These are valuable skills in the field of technology and can open up various opportunities for you.

Gagan Tiwari

B. Tech (CS)

Meet the most passionate teacher of our team...her conceptual teaching method is very attractive and famous among the students...she creates her class into a professional environment where one finds it easy to understand every bit of doubt... students believe in her and she keeps pushing them until they succeed.... She is very punctual, disciplined and a real life teacher aswell...



(Head of Biology Department)

She has completed B.Sc (Biology) and pursuing B.Ed...She has a teaching experience of 2 years...

He has a teaching experience of 4 years. He completed his graduation from a reputed college(KIET GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS)... He is very hardworking and dedicated towards teaching.

The most creative person of the team.Just like a watch he keeps on working hard for his students matter how much tired he is, he will surely help them out...


(B. Pharm)

(Head of the staff)

(Head of Mathematics Department)

(Head of Computer Science)

Meet the youngest member of our team... Although she is being graduated from Mathematics but as you know there are a lot of exceptions in chemistry.... So She made Mathematics an exception and started her teaching career in Chemistry.... and within a year she excelled in her subject...

Her students are precious like Gold to her so she made herself Aquaregia... everyone dissolves and understand everybit of Chemsitry...


B.Sc (Mathematics)

(Head of Chemistry Department)

Here comes the multitasker of our team... the one who always prefer the harder path because he says difficulties lead to the learning and learning always stays lifelong....for him teaching is the best part of learning new aspects of life and he very easily builds an unconditional bond with all students.

He has an experience of 2 years in teaching and the best part is he handles everyone like he already know them and even the students feel connected to him very easily....


B. Tech (CS)

(Senior High School Teacher)

The one with enough confidence to tackle any question or problem you throw to of the most hardworking member with lot of patience and is very persistant...She is always dedicated to her work and brings out the inner potential of her students to achieve their goals...

Although she has magical hands in case of Programming but her knowledge in Social Studies helps her students to score a century....


B. Tech (AI-ML)

(Senior Computer Science Teacher)

Meet Mr. Rohan... the man who is very passionate about his field... His way of treatment will make you feel like a family... Just like a diver he goes to the depth of knowledge when it comes to his subjects... He makes his students feel confident in their respective subjects...

Rohan Gupta Hons. (accounting and auditing )

Company Secretary (cs) at executive stage

(Head of Commerce Department)